How to File a Claim

  • Report the accident to the Police and submit the original Police Report
  • Submit a completed claim form (You can download it on our site)
  • Submit a photocopy of the driver’s license
  • Provide pictures of the damaged vehicle, clearly showing the registration number and damaged parts
  • Provide an estimate of the cost of repairs
  • Do not admit liability or settle or negotiate to settle, or make any payment without our consent
  • We need to inspect the damaged vehicle or have to authorized repair before works commence
  • All claims, writs and letters from third parties need to be submitted to us unanswered
  • In case it is a write-off you have to transfer ownership to us attached with all relevant documents covering the vehicle and keys to the vehicle
  • Submit a fire service report in cases where your vehicle is burnt either fully or partially.

Third Party Property Damage claims the following steps are to be followed:

  • Third party should provide us with a letter of claim
  • Estimate of repairs
  • Police report
  • Photographs of Third Party’s damaged vehicle
  • Copy of licenses of persons driving insured’s vehicle and third-party vehicle at the time of accident

Injury and Death
The following steps should be followed:

  • Insured submits a completed claim form
  • Submit a photocopy of the driver’s license

The following documents are to be submitted by the claimant or solicitor:

  • Affidavit of instruction where a solicitor is involved
  • Police report
  • Letters of Administration (Death)
  • Post mortem Report and Burial permit/Death certificate
  • Two passport size photographs of claimant duly endorsed by attending medical officer

The following documents below are to be submitted after the submission of completed claim forms for the respective product lines.

Fire and Allied Perils Claim

  • Submit Photographs of damaged property
  • Submit estimates and inventory of lost or damaged property
  • Police and/or Fire service Reports

Burglary Claim

  • Claimant submits photographs of the crime scene
  • Claimant submits lists of stolen items with corresponding values
  • Claimant submits a Police report.
  • Claimant submits an inventory of stock if insured items are stock

Workmen’s Compensation

  • Claimant submits Labor Office’s computation
  • Claimant submits First and Final medical Report

Cash in- Transit Claim

  • Claimant submits Police Report
  • Claimant submits Bank Statement showing the amount withdrawn from the bank or Cashier’s Book showing the amount being sent to the Bank or both

Goods in -Transit Claim

  • Claimant submits a Police report or Fire Service Report or both depending on the circumstances of the loss.
  • Claimant submits all invoices of the goods being carried or inventory of goods or bill of lading issued at the loading point.
  • Claimant submits estimates of goods lost.
  • Claimant submits pictures of accident scene together with salvage, if applicable.
  • The Insured
  • The third party whose property has been damaged by the insured’s vehicle
  • The injured third-party victim(s)
  • Administrators of the estate of the deceased
  • Parents or guardians in the case(s) of minors

Period within which to make a claim (Limitation Period)

  • Injury/Death – up to 3 years from the date of accident
  • Damage – up to 6 years from the date of accident

Some circumstances under which your motor claim will be Repudiated

  • Where there is no insurance cover for the vehicle at the time of the accident
  • When the driver driving the vehicle at time of the loss is unlicensed
  • Where the vehicle is used for an illegal activity or for an unapproved purpose
  • Statute barred claims – where the claim was not submitted within the three (3) or six (6) years period

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